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Airsa Asanbar Pars Company is a representative of syney company which one of the largest companies in manufacturing, selling and installing all kinds of elevators such as Passenger Elevators , Panoramic Elevators , Bed Elevators , Home Elevators , Villa Elevators , Car Elevators and Cargo Elevators.

Passenger Elevators

Elevators for high-rise buildings with high passenger density high performance, complete safety, stability and convenience are among the features of these elevators. In today's booming construction industry, elevators play a key role. These elevators are combination of high quality with excellent performance and comfortable experience. They can be one of the best choices for Residential buildings, Commercial buildings, Office buildings, Business centers, Hotels And other tall buildings.

Bed Elevators

Serious needs for hospital elevators should be considered. These requirements are met with regard to the transport of hospital equipment and patients in these elevators. For example large space, passenger and patient comfort, speed regulation, safety and more.

Villa Elevators

The villa elevators have their own special features. These elevators are silent. Furthermore, they are designed to be in harmony with the structure of the home while also being comfortable.

Cargo Elevators

Wide space, high loading capacity, durability and high performance make it one of the best choices for multi-floor factories and warehouses.

Car Elevators

One of the solutions available for car parking is the use of car elevators. These elevators have created the function of using intelligent control, which is one of the highest quality elevators in this category.

Panoramic Elevators

Such elevators give particular effect to buildings, towers and business centers. In addition, they can have their own attractions so that more people can use them.

Introduction of elevator components and its technical specifications

In this section we will introduce the elevator components as well as the technology used in these elevators.

Control panel and control system

syney adopts all computer data AC variable voltage variable frequency (vvvf) control. According to the speed and load, the frequency is continuously adjusted. Saving about 40% energy than conventional drive system. Microcomputer system; high-speed CPU. Serial data communications is applied among the control panel, the cab and the landing. Fault display appears in digital way. Ordinary computer failure repairs interface is reserved fon convenient maintenance.

New Generation Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gear-less Traction Machine.

Applies new generation permanent magnet synchronous gear-less traction machine, high performance digital variable frequency technology and group computers controlling technology, it will save more than 33% energy, if compared with traditional geared machine. It also prevents oil pollution and eliminates the noise produced by gear-box rotary


The company has been able to satisfy every taste with a variety of cabinets and decorations. It should be noted that in the follow cabinets images, the ability to change the ceil and floor can be customized according to customer's preferences.

Cabin Doors

Different types of cabin doors are provided depending on the type of buildings and their architecture as well as the customer's taste. These doors use advanced technology and high quality materials.

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