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Introducing Airsa Asanbar Pars Engineering Design Company

Design, Technical and Engineering Airsa Asanbar Pars Co. is a Japan exclusive agent (licensed by Syney Technology Deutschland GmbH Germany) in Iran. The company is proud to have begun its activities as a private company since 2007 with the aim of enhancing the quality of elevators and escalators devices in national projects, construction, subways, hospitals, mechanize the entry points of the country, including international airports. Offering goods at a reasonable and competitive price, as a same time with the highest quality and international standards. Serving our esteemed customers is another goal of the company. On the other hand, warranty service, after-sales service (service, maintenance) 24-hours supported. Providing spare parts, repairing and rebuilding outdated elevators, along with credible guarantees from reputable insurers throughout the country, has helped the company as a pioneer in the elevator and escalator industry in our beloved Iran. Other goals that must be implemented or explored in response to the ever-increasing needs of modern and mechanized mass production can be summarized as follows:
- Decreasing in finished construction costs.
- Reducing construction time.
- Improving the quality of international standards and applying the latest technology in the world.
- Announcing the views about devise and innovation.
- Increasing the coefficient of utilization and reducing the existing depreciation more than before
- Offering the installation and use of energy-saving systems and the use of lifelong renewable materials and equipment.
- Striving to provide comprehensive and useful information to dear buyers and customers to choose the best product.
- Variety of products.
Hereby Airsa Company informs that ready to provide consulting services, design, supply and construction, installation, after sales services, also offering warranty and valid insurance. In addition the company provid spare parts and 24-hours support for all types of elevators internal and packaged external (all imported), escalator and moving walk escalator. For more information please contact us.

With respectfully to informs that SYNEY Engineering Group is one of Japan's top 200 holding companies registered in JAPAN in 1972. The main tasks of the company have been to manufacture and supply escalator and elevator components internationally, especially the supply of Japanese Mitsubishi and Hatchachi components. In order to reduce production costs, the company was able to establish a branch in 1992 called SYNEY (in Japanese culture means leading) for export to China. Managers at the company decided to produce escalator and elevator. Since 1998 SYNEY has been working on the production and development of elevator and escalator and supply them with high quality to customers, which has gained a good reputation for them through out the world. The company was able to adapt to Japanese high-tech technology and continue to operate in China with $ 30 million in initial capital. The company's plant covers an area of ​​150,000 square meters, with about 50,000 square meters of production space. It currently employs more than 1,000 people, including 400 technicians and 90 engineers, and in 2014 the company raised $ 1600 million. As technology advances and with proper management implemented, SYNEY has gained more market share year by year. The products of this factory have sold to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America as well as Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Turkey, Philippines, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and many countries.

In 2016, the company concluded a deal to sell escalator to the Germany's metro co in Düsseldorf , which has made it one of the powerful companies in the elevator and escalator industry. Based on Japan's modern technology, SYNEY has been able to design and manufacture passenger elevators with interesting landscape, hospital and sterile elevator, cargo elevator, car elevator, food lifts (for restaurants), escalator and moving walk. One of the great honors of this company is the design and construction an escalator with twelve flat steps and wave escalator (for special projects with limited space and height) and this technology belong and owned by SYNEY. One of the most important features of SYNEY is offering uncompetitive prices with Japanese and German up to date technology in elevator and escalator. So that fewer famous companies in the elevator and escalator industry are able to compete with SYNEY in price, quality, design and variety in luxury cabins selection.

In 2014, the sales branch and R&D was established under the supervision of the German Research and Technology Development Organization in Dusseldorf. All the technology, management, production line of the company was designed according to German standards (with the supervision of TUV Inspection Office) and achieved EU standard (EC type) that year. Central Africa Branch Sales in Cape Town of South Africa and Central America Sales Branch was established in Santafe, Argentina. On the other hand, this company expanded its operations with the establishment of more than 36 sales office branch and dozens of sales agency, service and maintenance throughout China and Asia, Europe, America, Russia and Australia. The company provides advanced equipment such as Japan's CNC Amada laser machine, Japan's Yamazaki Mazak paint sprayer, Japan's Mitsubishi assembly tool, Italy's Salvagnini door automatic production line, German Trampf welder ligaments and Western European and Japanese equipment to provide services such as technical support. It satisfies the needs of the customers in this way. With the exception of technical educational resources, the company has started to import high level technology, moreover with lot of experience it has been able to produces high quality products in this field. SYNEY's products have been a blend of safety, low energy consumption, convenience and environmental friendliness. This company has achieved the highest quality AAA + of ASEAN countries standard in accordance with Japan Additional Protocol (CAV 16588-1) from the China Special Equipment Standard Center. This standard is valid until the end of 2022.

The company is introduced (in 2014) among of the top five companies in elevator and escalator construction. In addition it has quality system certification and ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025 and EC TYPE EU certification QEC and ROHS certification from Germany and CEA Australia certification, superior quality certification from TUV Inspection Office of Germany and Italy EN115-1: 2008 + A1: 2010 / EN115-2: 2014 & AAA + 2015 (((EN81-1: 1998 + A3: 2009 & EN81-1 / 2-20) and GOST Russia. The company is currently able to produce 20,000 elevators and escalators in one year. SYNEY has had great customer feedback by launching a remarkable after-sales service and website. The company has been able to to gain the trust of its customers with appling its high level standards in the production and useing efficient management with the slogan "Safety, Capacity, Optimum Quality and High Performance". Despite the company began its work a bit late in China, but believing the motto "environmentally friendly and hard working", It has worked miraculously in the production of elevators. Syney is proud to service its customers with great enthusiasm. It should be noted that at the beginning of 2014, the company with a contract with the German Office of Industrial Equipment (Deutschland) has begun to transfer European elevator and escalator technology. SYNEY's research and development unit is authorized by the German Research and Development Organization, and all techniques and product lines of this company are designed according to German standards.

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