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Syney Company's products and services are always dedicated to high quality elevators and Escalators in accordance with international and professional standards.

Escalators for commercial centers

Syney escalators are built to the latest standards and are also based on engineering knowledge to make people feel comfortable when using these escalators. On the other hand, the aesthetic application of these escalators has made travelers understand this feeling and is very influential in business centers which are seeking to attract customers.


For customers who have shopping carts and want to move to different floors, the combination of escalators and moving walk can be implemented simultaneously in these centers.

Types of escalator and moving walk

Product Type Specification Image Comments Usage
Escalators Commercial Escalators Simple, stylish, smooth and attractive
     Compact composition, good carrying capacity


Shopping Center

Public places

 Public Escalator High power system
     Stable controls with excellent efficiency
     High passenger density and high passenger transport rates
Moving Walk ّFlat Long distance passenger transport
      Low and optimal power consumption with frequency change control
      Carry passengers with shopping carts
      Resistant, beautiful and durable
Inclined Moving Walk

Technical Specifications of escalator

In this section, attempt to summarize the technical specifications of an escalator and escalator components to inform readers of the materials and accessories used.

Row Part Name Image Comments

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